Who we are

Our promise: We always offer a bit more than is expected of us. This much is certain. At the end of the day, there is much more to this than just a simple recording of someone’s voice, or a simple adaptation of some words into another language.

The key to the whole thing is to know the pitfalls of the various languages. What we understand as meaning "Pass me the butter” can trigger a war in some dialects. Hypothetically speaking, of course. That is why we only get native speakers to do our translating, and in doing so, avoid armed conflicts in the countries where you want your production on the market.

We have creative creatives, the best technicians and voice-over artists who can make you laugh and cry - depending on what the customer wants.

We make sure that recordings fit to time codes, without distorting the true meaning of the original words and we will make sure that hilarious subtleties are understood in the most remote regions of the most distant village.