Who uses us

If you are in a position to need to start thinking about localising your production in one or more languages, then you obviously are successful. Congratulations!

You could also guarantee success if you pass your production over to us. Finally, it is not just a question of translating words and getting someone to say them. It is important that the studio responsible has experience of those kinds of productions. As luck would have it, we have got just the people.

We have been producing voice recordings for German industry and foreign language productions, voicemail announcements, radio ads, point-of-sale, TV commercials, computer games and much more for years.

True to the motto "every little bit counts" we approach the smallest jobs with every bit as much care as the largest, high-end global corporate video adaptations. Our extremely high quality standards apply to everything we do. Every customer gets a perfect result with a cherry on top, every time.